Catharine Hamm, Travel Editor
Los Angeles Times

“There are two traits of an outstanding p.r. person: understanding the market of the person you’re pitching to and understanding the person. Couple that with responsiveness and creativity and you have Hilary Townsend.”

Darcy Jacobs, Executive Editor
Family Circle

“Hilary Townsend makes my job easier. She is the perfect balance of sell and
smarts. I trust that if she is bringing something to my attention that she
believes it has value to my readers. It is a pleasure to work with Hilary
because her professionalism is only matched by her graciousness.”

Spud Hilton, Travel Editor
San Francisco Chronicle

“It’s always a pleasure to work with those marketing professionals who understand what editors need — not just a list of a destination’s assets, but the big-picture view that makes it easy to research and write stories that inspire and transport readers. Hilary Townsend has always been one of those professionals who get it, and is very easy to work with.”

Brooke Burnham, Vice President of Marketing – Visit SLO CAL

“Effective public relations is all about relationships, creativity and professionalism, of which Hilary Townsend has all three in spades. As we were faced with an open communications position at Visit SLO CAL, Hilary stepped in as our temporary travel media representative with ease. Her long-standing relationships with regional and national travel media, as well as her knowledge of the product and industry, helped us gain ample coverage during her contract. She has shown herself to be a professional who is reliable, trustworthy and beyond competent.”

Maryann Stansfield, Vice President of Marketing – Mental Marketing 

“Hilary Townsend is a consummate public relations professional and a joy to work with. She is smart, responsive and great with new pitch ideas and campaign strategies. Her media connections are vast and strong and she has introduced us and our clients to many new travel writers. Hilary has also attended several tourism related media trade events on behalf of our clients producing great coverage and media leads. She knows how to maintain relationships and we hope to work with her well into the future.”

Joe Timko, Director of Public Relations - San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I had the sincere pleasure of working with Hilary Townsend during her tenure as Director of Public Relations at the San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau.  As Hilary’s counterpart at the San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau,, we worked cooperatively on publicizing the San Diego region to travel media across the country, and I hold only the utmost of admiration for her as a Public Relations professional. Hilary is a hard-working, creative and results-driven individual with excellent travel media contacts. In addition to her stellar work  experience, she is also a charming, personable and conscientious individual who treats everyone in a fair and respectable manner. I would hire Hilary in a minute if a suitable position was available on my team.”

Jen Grove, Executive Director
Del Mar Village Association

“Hilary brings a unique background and expertise to destination PR having directed public relations outreach for the San Diego North Convention & Visitors Bureau where she cultivated strong travel media contacts.  Her media connections, creativity and results driven approach has been of great value to the city of Del Mar as we broaden our tourism outreach efforts nationally and internationally.”

Dana Flower, Marketing Manager
Paradise Point Resort & Spa

“Hilary’s comprehensive background as a member of both the press and CVB, combined with her PR expertise provide her with an exceptional and invaluable 360-degree view of the industry and relationships with its key players.   She is organized, responsive, imaginative, and passionate, taking the time to know her clients inside and out and act as a true extension of their team that contributes ideas that are innovative, yet realistic.”

“These characteristics and her ability to deliver results have led me to work with Hilary in several capacities within multiple companies and positions. During that time, she has shown great strength in various corners of the PR and reputation management arena, handling everything from pop-up and crisis situations to developing long-term, strategic plans, and deploying creative pitches that make clients stand out to her extensive network of media contacts.”

Kim Akers-Malaspina, Vice President of Hospitality
West Inn & Suites, West Steak and Seafood, and Bistro West

“Hilary is the consummate professional. The perfect blend of integrity, smarts and creativity. Always pushing for excellence and the best way to present. She is a valued member of our team, is respected, produces quality work and protective. Her follow through is unlike any other public relations professional. She is an absolute treasure and we are honored to have her representing us. Her professional title at West, the PR Queen!”

Ron Scherer, New York Bureau Chief
Christian Science Monitor

“I’ve called on Hilary over the years for quotes to include in my travel
stories and she has always been extremely knowledgable and provided
timely and useful information about one of the most beautiful places in
the world.  Her story ideas always have an interesting angle (who knew
you could swim with Leopard sharks?) and provide useful content for
story development.”

Alex Pulaski, Travel Editor
The Oregonian

“I have worked with Hilary Townsend on a couple of visits to northern San Diego County over the past few years. She is super-organized, responsive, friendly and really knows the territory she represents. For example, on a recent trip she helped me connect with a number of chefs and breweries for a story that will soon be appearing in this newspaper. Hilary is a great advocate for the San Diego area.”

David Handschuh, Photojournalist
New York Daily News

“Hilary is one of the best destination publicists that I have worked with. She is informative, replies promptly to inquiries and doesn’t waste your time with unnecessary releases. When you get a press release from Hilary Townsend you look at it. Its usually usable information for your readers!”

Leslie Araiza – Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Grande Colonial Hotel

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hilary Townsend for
past five+ years during which time I found her to be extremely creative,
competent and an exceptional communicator.  Having worked in hospitality
public relations for more than 20 years, I have found that the unseen
components necessary for success in such a competitive industry is
dedication, creativity and flexibility.  When I have an opportunity to
express an ideal example of someone demonstrating these qualities, I do so,
and I believe Hilary does just that.  It is, therefore, appropriate and
certainly justified that she have my unconditional recommendation and endorsement.”